E-Book: How Women Engineers are Changing the World. In line with the Engineering Heroes theme, the E-book highlights 9 amazing engineering heroes who are making a mark in the engineering field, raising to their top of their careers and making a huge impact not just in their organisations, but in the world as a whole.
The e-book provides pearls of wisdom around topics such as empowerment, problem solving, sustainability, technology and innovation, determination, overcoming barriers, networking, inclusivity, resilience and role models. The free copy of the e-book can be downloaded here: https://thefutureofengineering.org/tfoe-shop/

Event: Accelerate your career event 29th June 5-6 p.m. : https://thefutureofengineering.org/webinar

On this LIVE workshop you will discover the three major actionable steps that will help you lift your head up, shift your focus and rebalance your approach to advance your career.

-Diagnose what is slowing your progress today and start where you are. Understand where you want to go and tap into your desire to make a greater impact. Identify the 3D vision for your career.
-Uncover the critical capability gaps that are holding you back and what you need to move you forward. Be willing to grow and take action by implementing.
-Go from Overlooked to Powerbroker. Invest in your network. Propel yourself by finding the ‘current power in your organization’ and build a network of supporters.

Be ready to move the needle and walk away with steps on how women engineers can build confidence and personal power to advance their careers.