In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day this year, Consolidated Consultants Group (CCG) would like to invite women interested in engineering to ask our women engineers any questions you have. Is there anything you’d like to ask CCG’s women engineers about their work, how they got into the industry, career opportunities, life as a woman in engineering?

Our female engineers include women across all of our engineering disciplines and across all levels of seniority, so we will be able to answer all of your questions!

By doing this, we hope to clear up any questions, concerns or misconceptions you may have, and give you a true understanding of our journey into and our experience within the industry.

We will be collecting your questions all week and we will share the responses on our website and social media channels on Wednesday 23rd June.

You may submit your questions by email to, or via social media by commenting on our social media posts on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.




Please do feel free to share this with your daughter, sister, schoolmate, anybody who you think may be interested in asking our women engineers a question, or who may benefit from reading our team’s answers and responses on June 23rd. We will be happy to hear from you and we’d love to hear your questions.

About CCG

Consolidated Consultants Group (CCG) is a pioneering multidisciplinary architectural and engineering consultancy firm. We provide a comprehensive range of integrated services in the areas of architecture, engineering, planning, management and specialized studies. Our longstanding experience and vast exposure in terms of projects, client network and work environments has cemented our position as a leading consultancy firm.

Our passion and success are driven by our unwavering commitment to finding and implementing inventive solutions that ultimately create long-term partnerships with clients, agencies, and communities alike. To maintain our standing at the helm of our industry, we abide by a carefully studies set of corporate values, with a special focus on designs that are both environmentally conscious and culturally relevant.

Operating in more than 25 countries across the Arab World, Africa, Central Asia and beyond, we are market leaders in the following areas:
Urban and master planning
Buildings and architecture
Roads, bridges, tunnels and railroads
Transportation and traffic
Water and wastewater
Hydrological analysis and hydraulic structures
Environmental studies