Women in Nuclear Global Young Generation (WiN Global YG) knows the importance of representation and leading by example. Therefore we developed short interviews with our engineers to know a little bit about them, what led them to become engineers, and how can we empower the next generation of young women. These interviews will be shared through our LinkedIn page for anyone to see and follow (https://www.linkedin.com/company/win-global-young-generation). We are using this platform to encourage young girls and women to start engaging with groups such as ours from the early stages o their careers so they learn about the development and networking opportunities.

We know it is really important for young girls and women to see examples and to feel represented in others. So we are taking advantage of our diverse and global perspective so that those looking can find a story they can relate to. Being a group of young professionals as well we understand the importance of role models in different stages and we consider that celebrating the achievements of those who are still paving the way, can help others that starting theirs.

Women in Nuclear Global Young Generation (WiN Global YG) was initiated in 2021 as one of the top priorities of Dominique Mouillot, Women in Nuclear Global (WiN Global) 8th President. One of the key strategic actions for strengthening the Association is attracting and uniting young people within WiN Global.

We actively contribute to; the climate change and gender balance debates, knowledge and experience exchange between members and chapters, partnership creation, development and learning opportunities, and furthering the interest in nuclear engineering, science, and other nuclear-related professions. WiN Global YG will also support innovative communication strategies using new technologies and social networks to promote accurate understanding and public awareness of nuclear science and technology.