Date/Time: Monday 24th June 11:00-12:00
• Celebrate women in engineering/STEM and their contributions.
• Target female progression in and advertise technical areas (emphasising how you may not have to have technical experience to progress into a technical area/role).
• Get to know our female senior leaders in the more technical side of the business, share their stories and hear their advice.
• Audience: All of Women’s Network invited, and sharing wherever we can across VMO2. Please feel free to share with your areas to increase engagement.
• The session is a Teams Webinar, which requires attendees to register before attending.
• Julian Davidge (Director Technology Service & Operations, CTO)
• Anna Fitzpatrick (Director Technology Products, CTO)
• Emma Fish (Regional Operations Manager – Wales & West, FEO)
• Joanne Grey (Security Monitoring Lead, Operations)
Before the day:
• You should have received an invite for a briefing session with Harley where she will share the questions and distribute them among you all so that you have time to do any prep you might want to.
On the Day:
• Please join 5-10 mins early if possible using this link (presenter link) Join the meeting now
• (You may have received multiple links if you are part of the Women’s Network Workplace group but the Teams invite is the only one you need as this is the link for co-owners)
• The session will be 40 minutes of prepped questions with a 20-minute audience Q&A at the end.

If you have any questions please reach out to Sophie Lupton, Harley Cunningham, Eugenia Bessey or Bryony Grimes.