For International Women in Engineering Day this year, the Lower Thames Crossing, on behalf of National Highways, visited Lansdowne Primary Academy in Tilbury to showcase some of the brightest and bravest women in engineering history, the inventors and innovators.
Through an assembly with year 5 pupils, Lower Thames Crossing staff played a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire themed quiz where pupils had to guess which of the A to D inventions were correct to win ‘Dojo points’ for their class, with the added option to ‘ask the audience’ if they were unsure. The pupils then learnt more about each woman and life changing inventions they created, from the ice cream maker to the first solar powered house and automated dishwasher!
The assembly included a game of ‘Guess Who’ – construction edition to showcase traditional careers in construction with Lower Thames Crossing staff representing an engineer, environmental manager and archaeologist. The session closed with staff talking through less traditional roles in construction, including in skills and communication, and the unique career journeys that led them there, from an apprenticeship to studying beauty in college.
Lauren Edmunds, Skills, Education and Employment Advisor, said:
“We had a wonderful morning at Lansdowne Primary Academy. It was great to see so many students so engaged and excited by the activities. The school informed us that a lot of their girls aspired to be mothers, so as well as showcasing these brilliant women in history, it was important for our assembly to breakdown career stereotypes and demonstrate how powerful women can be in the working world!”