Join us in celebrating International Women in Engineering Day with a special webinar titled “Engineered for Success: Why the Bus and Coach Industry is the Best Destination for Aspiring Women Engineers.”

Taking place online from noon on Tuesday 25th June, this Women in Bus and Coach event aims to inspire and empower women to pursue careers in engineering within the bus and coach industry. Our distinguished speakers will share their experiences, discuss the unique opportunities available in this field, and provide insights into why the bus and coach industry is a fantastic destination for aspiring women engineers.

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Mercedes Goodhall: Oxford Bus Company – Engineering Apprentice

Alex Firth: GREYS ELY – Workshop Supervisor

Lucy Hough: First Bus – Reliability Maintenance Engineer

Georgina Rogers: National Express LTD – Engineering Standards Manager

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Zoe Hands, Managing Director at First Bus (Manchester, Midlands and South Yorkshire)

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