As part of the NMITE Summer of Discovery, Spectris plc are proud to support this event.

Challenging perceptions of engineering.

To engineer: to work artfully to bring about something.

An engineer: an ingenious person who designs and makes things.

Engineers come in all shapes, sizes and genders! As part of the NMITE Summer of Discovery and for International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate the diversity of engineering. When you picture an engineer, what do you see? When you think of engineering, what do you imagine? Engineering and technology are needed to solve the global problems coming our way. Engineers and technologists are needed in all sectors from transport and construction, food production, medicine, humanitarian actions, digital tech, robotics, energy, cybersecurity, and even the creative industries.

Come to this event, supported by Spectris, to discover stories of engineers who happen to be women. Teenagers and grownups welcome!

A full program of the NMITE Summer of Discovery can be found here: