The Robert Boyle Summer School is for the general public to explore the place of STEM in our lives and will run on Saturday 26 June.
“The theme of the 2021 Summer School, ‘Women in STEM – Past, Present and Future’ is a most important one. Not only does it remind us of the groundbreaking work of so many great female pioneers who have helped to shape the world we inhabit today, it also invites us to reflect on the many inspirational role models who today continue to pave the way for the female scientists of the future. ” Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland.
Engineering will feature prominently. Dr Elizabeth Bruton (Curator of Engineering and Technology, Science Museum) will talk about pioneering women in engineering. We will talk to great role models such as Regina Moran (VP Fujitsu, Past President Engineers Ireland) and Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will deliver a keynote address. The main focus will be on Irish women, but their stories are universal. People around the world are welcome to join on zoom for free. Registration and full programme at