Inventors & Innovators Stories

Film collection key messages to highlight:

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering has partnered with Becoming X and Amazon to celebrate pioneers in engineering and technology, with a new This is Engineering series to inspire the next generation to become engineers of the future.
  • The first three films of the series will be released as an ‘Engineering Heroes’ collection to coincide with INWED on 23 June, to raise the profile of women engineers and inspire more women to consider a career in engineering.
  • Engineering Heroes aims to challenge the traditional stereotypes associated with engineers, and show engineering as a fulfilling and exciting career for future generations.
  • The first three films are raw and powerful, with each protagonist sharing an immensely personal and inspiring story. They show that there is no single path into engineering, but drive and determination led each of them build a better world through a career based on solving problems.
  • These uplifting and empowering films show that engineers all have different stories. Their resilience and tenacity have led them to careers where they make a difference as engineering heroes.